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Be Who You Imagine – A note from your Lower School Director

In 1990 I stepped out of the business world into education as an IT teacher because I was
drawn to the power of educational technology. It was an uncharted course in schools that
quickly inspired me to go beyond basic keyboarding to offer a much broader horizon. In 1999, I
facilitated a volunteer project that transformed a cramped corridor into a full-sized iMac
computer lab decorated with the classic “Think Different” Apple posters. Then and today, I
continue to seek and implement innovative education that offers our next generation limitless
possibilities. Teaching (1990 -2000) inspired me to earn a Master’s Degree in Human
Development to better understand the fascinatingly complex and diverse benchmarks of every
child. From there I moved into administration as a vice principal and then as principal in 2006
where I had the honor of partnering with an incredible team of educators. My goal every year is
to seek engaging additions within the school day so that students regard education as an
incredible journey.

Great teachers recognize the dignity of every child and imprint an indelible mark of inspiration,
self-confidence and the courage to take risks. What a joy to witness a child’s God-given talents
sprout and blossom year to year nurtured by trust and encouragement. Greatness is not
measured by a grading scale or a timed sprint. It is nurtured through inquiry, self-confidence
and the willingness to take risks. As a student at Alverno Heights Academy, I learned to be a
woman who could become who I imagined. And now, guided by God’s magnificent plan, I am
back home at my Alma Mater to be a part of an amazing venture that will offer limitless
opportunities for students from TK through high school; an inspirational model of innovation in
education for the next generation.

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