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These are the scheduled major events, COVID permitting, of the APTA for the 2020-2021 school year. A complete school calendar will be available soon.

July 24-August 1: JUNIOR JAG GAMES virtual FUNraiser
October 24: THE VILLA PRESENTS… OKTOBERFEST parent social
December 6: BREAKFAST WITH SANTA family event
February 6: MOVIE NIGHT family event
May 1: SPRING FLING family festival

If you would like to serve any of the planning committees for the events above, please complete the APTA Interest Form. 


Section 1: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: May representatively address APTA business and make resolutions that do not directly require the participation of the individual other regular committee members.

Note: The Executive Committee will typically meet monthly.

Section 1.1: Head of School and Director of Lower School are both ex officio members of the APTA Executive Committee (and may delegate representation for meetings, but may not delegate their authorities)

Section 1.2: President Rochelle Siegrist P’23

  • Is the primary representative and liaison of the APTA before the governing bodies and
    administration of Alverno Heights Academy, and the Lower School, in particular
  • Is an ex officio member of all APTA committees, excepting the Nominating Committee
  • Presides over all APTA meetings (General, Regular, and Executive Committee)
  • Approves the disbursements of APTA funds and Volunteer Hours

Section 1.3: Vice President Mark Oliver P’24 

  • In the absence of the President, performs the duties of the President, as required
  • Is Executive Chairperson/Coordinator of the APTA Nominations and Election Committee
  • Assists faculty in the identification of one Class Parent Representative for the upcoming
    school year, prior to the end of the current school year
  • Provides communications and information directly to Class Parent Representatives

Section 1.4: Secretary Stefania Bauer P’23 & P’27

  • Takes minutes at all APTA meetings (General, Regular, and Executive Committee)
  • Publishes a weekly newsletter
  • Maintains the archive of APTA documentation

Section 1.5: Treasurer Nathan Cash P’24 & P’28

  • Maintains and reconciles the APTA ledger in conjunction with the Academy’s accountant
  • Reports to the Board at each meeting attended by the Executive Committee the current
    balance of the APTA ledger and the nature and extent of all credits and debits during
    the previous period
  • Prepares and makes available such written reports and records pertaining to the
    finances of the APTA as may be required by the Finance Committee, Head of School,
    Director of the Lower School, and/or any member of the Board
  • Prepares and annual audit of the APTA ledger together with the Academy’s accountant
  • Prepares and submits annually an APTA budget for the upcoming academic year to the
    Head of School and the Director of the Lower School prior to the Spring Timester
    APTA General Meeting, and provides the same, approved APTA budget at the Fall
    Trimester APTA General Meeting for the new academic year
  • Performs other financial duties as may be required by APTA business and events
  • Ensures that no disbursements are made or remuneration requested without sufficient
    documentation of expenditures, including bills and invoices, receipts, and maintains
    all such documentation in a secure and organized manner
  • Accounts for Class Donations to the APTA; this does not include class funds retained by
    the school office or otherwise for the use of Class Parent Representatives
  • May identify a Parent Clerk (with the approval of the Director) to assist them, as required

Section 1.6: Steward Running Bear Bunch P’24 and P’28

  • Past APTA President or Vice President (or Executive Committee Member, if a past
    President or Vice President is not available)
  • Proponent of the APTA Bylaws
  • Facilitates voting/discussion during meetings, if necessary
    (in accordance with Robert’s Rules)
  • Has the deciding vote in the event of a tie, but does not cast a vote otherwise.
  • Presides over APTA meetings if both the President and Vice President are unavailable
    or have a mutual conflict of interest

Section 2: REGULAR COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS: Convenes and leads task-specific subcommittees comprised of organizers and volunteers.

Note: The Regular Committee Chairpersons will meet with the Executive Committee quarterly. Regular Committee Chairpersons are encouraged to meet with the Committees under their purview as needed.

Section 2.1: Advancement & Development Committee (2) Natalie Wycoff P’28 & P’29 & George Burby P’29

  • Maintains Alumni/Donor Database
  • Solicits and obtains sponsorships in conjunction with APTA Major Events
  • Works with event organizers to establish event-specific sponsorship opportunities and
  • Coordinates school/promotional merchandise, including at events, as needed
  • Once, annually, coordinates a Lower School Admissions Fair

Section 2.2: Community Engagement Committee (2) Lori Hidalgo P’23 & P’25 & Veronica Smith P’27

  • Is the primary contact for APTA social and community events
  • Supports current and prospective enrollment, and promotes community relations
  • Appoints and collaborates with at least one Social Media Manager
  • Coordinates the Print and Advertising for all APTA events
  • Facilitates and ensures the timely and accurate applications for and provisions of any
    and all permissions, permits and licenses required for the licit operation of any and
    all aspects of social and community events and functions, as needed
  • Forms subcommittees of Chairpersons to plan, organize, and manage Socials, Mixers and
    Dances, Restaurant Nights Out, and other Lower School-specific community events
  • Coordinates refreshments for General Meetings (2 per year), the Christmas Pageant,
    and other APTA-sponsored social events, as required
  • Represents and regularly communicates the needs and responsibilities of these
    subcommittees to the board and school administration

Section 2.3: Major Events Committee (2) Carol Silberberg P’26 & Jamie Suh P’23, P’30

  • Is the primary contact for school-wide/community fundraising events
  • Facilitates and ensures the timely and accurate applications for and provisions of any
    and all permissions, permits and licenses required for the licit operation of any and
    all aspects of fundraising events, as needed
  • Forms subcommittees of Chairpersons to plan, organize, and manage APTA-sponsored
    fundraising events
  • Ensures that subcommittee Organizers are adequately performing their
    responsibilities while also recruiting volunteers to assist them with their events
  • Promotes and ensures adequate and timely communication between other Board
    Members and subcommittees, as required
  • Represents and regularly communicates the needs and responsibilities of these
    subcommittees to the board and school administration

Section 2.4: Volunteer Activities Chairperson Jill Van Dorpe P’27

  • Tracks and reports Parent Participation Hours (may request a Parent Assistant)
  • Prepares and administers sign-up lists for all APTA-sponsored events
  • Tracks and reports parents’ in-class participation (with Class Parent Representatives)

Section 2.5: Health & Welfare Chairperson Dan Parks P’22, P’25

  • Manages required safety, first aid, and security at all APTA-sponsored meetings/events
  • Maintains a repository of disaster relief supplies
  • Coordinates the students’ emergency boxes (collecting and distributing)
  • Provides health and disaster preparedness information, as needed
  • Coordinates parent safety requirements and hours for all APTA-sponsored meetings and
    events, and any other time that Lower School parent volunteers are engaged in
    providing safety and security or similar supervision

Section 2.6: Immaculate Heart Ambassador Jen Burns P’24 & P’27

  • In conjunction with the Director, reviews the new family welcome packet and provides a
    new family welcome letter
  • Plans and hosts a new family welcome event (with the assistance of parent volunteers)
  • Coordinates the New Family Mentor Program
  • Promotes the Catholic faith and identity within the community
  • Provides or coordinates prayer at the beginning and end of all APTA meetings
  • Coordinates prayer for all APTA-sponsored events, as needed
  • Supports campus liturgies, as needed
  • Prepares and sends/delivers cards and/or extends other expressions of celebration,
    sympathy, etc., as appropriate, to Lower School families

Section 2.7: Faculty Representative Jennifer Jukic P’23, P’25, and P’26

  • Appointed by the Director
  • Offers faculty perspectives as relating to APTA business, events, and functions


Planning is underway for the 2020-2021 school year! Our APTA Event Chairpersons are seeking enthusiastic collaborators for the following event planning committees:

  • The Villa Presents…Oktoberfest, a parent social with an annually rotating theme
  • Breakfast With Santa, a family event, open to the community
  • Movie Night, an outdoor family event featuring food and movies, picnic style
  • Grandparents & Special Friends Day, a morning spent with loved ones on Ash Wednesday
  • Spring Fling, a fun festival open to families and the community

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