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Thank you for considering the Villa del Sol d’Oro (the “Villa”) as the location for your wedding/event. The Villa is located on a thirteen-acre property in the quiet little town of Sierra Madre. The property is also home to Alverno Heights Academy (“AHA”) which was established over 50 years ago. Clients and their guests are reminded that the Villa is a historic site, which has been preserved for the benefit of present and future generations and must be treated with respect.


The Villa has a capacity of 200 guests.



Saturdays – $9,000

Fridays and Sundays- $8,000

Rehearsal dinner $1,000

Other events vary in cost

In addition, the following fees are required:

At the time of booking

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental fee is due along with a signed copy of the Facilities Use and Rental Agreement & the Alverno Event Contract Addendum.

Fifteen (15) days prior to the event

  • Rental fee balance is due.
  • A $1,000 damage deposit. The damage deposit will be returned thirty (30) days after your event to the payer of the damage deposit, if the site is left in original condition.
  • A cleaning and guard fee of $1,000, per 100 guests.
  • An additional guard is $300 if over 100 people. 

Use of the Villa

Use of the Villa and gardens for special events must be consistent with AHA’s educational and cultural purposes. The facilities may be used for special events by outside users, provided that the user can comply with AHA’s terms and conditions set forth in the Facilities Use and Rental Agreement.

Dates and Times

Please check with our exclusive Facilities Director, Andrea Bertollini, The date of your event will not be held until ALL forms are signed and fees (as indicated above) have been received by AHA. 

Your event must conclude no later than 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 8:00 pm Sunday through Thursday, and all guests must be off of the property by 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday and by 8:30 pm Sunday through Thursday. Client further agrees to reimburse AHA for any overtime expenses incurred because of Client’s failure to comply with these regulations, in addition to the rental fee, an additional $500 per hour for each overtime hour or portion thereof.

Sound and Music

The Villa is located in a residential neighborhood. For this reason, it is very important that music chosen for your function be kept to the volume levels permitted by the City of Sierra Madre and turned off no later than 9:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings and 8:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday. Amplified sound outside of the Villa will be limited to the ceremony and the toast. All other amplified sound and/or music will be inside the Villa only. No live amplified music is allowed either inside or outside of the Villa. Failure to comply with these requirements or any Villa Rules will result in the termination of the function and forfeiture of the damage deposit, as determined by AHA. The security guard has a decibel monitor to measure the sound, and if he/she reports that the music or noise exceeds the levels permitted by the City, the music or sound must immediately be turned down, or the event may be shut down, as determined by AHA.


Your rental includes use of the Michillinda Avenue parking lot. Please enter and exit through the Highland Avenue gates. There are signs around the driveways to guide you. There is absolutely no street parking for you or your guests. If there is overflow parking, the Wilson Avenue parking lot can be used, but only once the Michillinda Avenue lot is full. Since we are located in a residential area, you are responsible for the IMMEDIATE AND QUIET DEPARTURE OF ALL GUESTS, which includes but is not limited to horn honking, yelling, speeding, loud music, etc.


A one-hour rehearsal may be scheduled in advance, dependent upon AHA’s internal calendar. 

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner can be scheduled after the rehearsal for an additional $1,000. A rehearsal dinner, if held, is part of the main event or function. All rules and regulations outlined in the Facility Use and Rental Agreement and related documents apply for the rehearsal dinner.

Bridal Dressing Room/Groom’s Dressing Room & Restrooms

The Bride’s room/restroom and the Groom’s room/restroom are for the exclusive use of the wedding party to get ready. The Client will ensure that no guests besides the bridal party are in any part of the upstairs at any time. The rental of the Villa includes the grounds and lower floor only. Two restrooms are available on the first floor. Villa personnel may require you to rent additional portable restrooms for your event if Villa determines more restrooms are needed for your event.


Streamers, flowers, balloons, and plant decorations are welcome, subject to some restrictions. Any decorations must be entirely removed by you at the conclusion of the function. Glue, paste, tacks, nails, staples and metal screws are not allowed. No tape may be used on the wooden paneling or doors. AHA and Villa management are not responsible for the theft or damage of any decorations or personal property. Access for set-up and decorating by you or caterer is limited to the rental date unless the Villa schedule allows other arrangements to be made. These additional times are subject to change at any time. NO CONFETTI OR RICE MAY BE THROWN ON THE PREMISES. Birdseed, flower petals or potpourri may be used. No open-flame candles may be used on the premises unless Client obtains the necessary permits.

AHA Representative & Event Coordination

During your event at the Villa, Caterer and appointed security guard will be the designated representatives and will be on-site to insure the safety of the guests and the site. An additional security guard will also be required for all events. The security guard will be scheduled by AHA in advance of your party, and payment is due fifteen days prior to your event.


Changes may occur in the appearance of the Villa rooms or grounds due to filming schedule. Every effort will be made to coordinate between production and your event by an AHA representative.

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