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Welcome to Alverno’s Performing Arts Department!

In our Performing Arts Department, our goal is to encourage our young women to be who they imagine with as much creativity as possible. Alverno is home to a breadth of talented performers from dancers to actors to musicians who express themselves in classes that include Theatre, Advanced Theatre, Dance, Stagecraft, Improvisation and Creative Arts

Performing Arts stages two full performances each year, a play in the fall and a musical in the spring, and includes a ComedySportz team. Drama students develop multiple skills in acting and our courses introduce students to the history of theatre, play structure, script analysis, improvisation, creating characters, and the techniques of direction and production. 

In addition to onstage roles, there are plenty of opportunities behind the curtain, from stage make-up, to lights, to set-building, to stage manager. 

In Dance classes, students learn challenging and exciting choreography from a variety of different cultures, genres, and time periods. Dancers learn the value of hard work and dedication and are challenged both physically and mentally throughout their

Performing Arts Curriculum: Theatre I and II, Advanced Theatre, Dance I and II, Improvisational Theatre, Stagecraft, and Creative Arts

Clubs: Dance Club and Drama/Improvisation Club 

Performances: Fall Play, Spring Musical, ComedySportz Matches, Advanced Theatre Showcase, and Community Cabaret

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