Dress Code



Alverno Heights Academy has two uniforms depending on the schedule. A formal uniform for important events such as assemblies, and masses, and an informal for everyday use. Students should check the calendar often for formal uniform days.

Alverno Heights Academy uniforms are available only through CKW Uniforms. CKW Uniforms is the only vendor who is allowed to provide uniforms worn at Alverno Heights Academy. If you have questions about the uniform, please contact Megan Hoover, Dean of Students, at (626) 355-3463 or mhoover@alvernoheights.org


The Alverno Heights Academy Formal Uniform is worn on Liturgy Days, Tuesdays for students involved in Government, and for Ambassadorial duties such as Open House. The Formal Uniform consists of:

  • Gray Skirt
  • White Oxford Blouse (Must be tucked in)
  • Blazer with Alverno Emblem (Pins may be worn as they are awarded)
  • White Knee-High Socks
  • Loafers (Black, brown, or burgundy are acceptable. Heels may be 2 inches or lower. Mary Janes and/or moccasins are not an acceptable part of the uniform)

If a student is not in the correct uniform on these days, she will be required to serve a uniform detention.

Regular Uniform

  • The uniform skirt: (gray, khaki (Classes of 2019-2021 ONLY), and plaid skirt from CKW Uniforms)
  • Must be no shorter than 1-inch below fingertips; with arm and fingers fully extended
  • Must be in good repair at all times and NOT ROLLED at the waist
  • The uniform slacks: (Khaki slacks from CKW Uniforms)
  • Must be hemmed at a length to avoid dragging on the ground
  • Must be in good repair at all times

The uniform blouse/polo:

  • Must be a white oxford style collared blouse with the Alverno logo (short or long sleeves) OR a navy blue or white Alverno polo
  • Oxford style blouses come in two styles; straight hem and shirttail hem. The shirttail hem must be tucked in the skirt, slacks, or shorts at all times
  • A plain white turtleneck may be worn under the school blouse (long sleeved blouse only)


  • Must be plain navy blue, white, or gray knee socks or ankle socks; socks must be a minimum of 1 inch above the ankle bone.
  • May not be worn over any socks or tights of a different color.
  • May match state sweatshirt; solid colored socks in the state color (sweatshirt must be worn at the same time.


  • Loafers: brown, burgundy, or black (no laced or moccasin style loafers, no Mary Janes; heels no higher than 2″); may be worn with the regular uniform, must be worn with the formal uniform.
  • Athletic Shoes: may be solid white or solid navy blue; lace-ups or slip-ons in either solid color permitted. The white shoes must have white laces. The navy blue shoes may have white or navy blue laces. Athletic style shoes must have soles no higher than 1″. No high-tops.
  • All Shoes: should be clean and in good repair at all times, may not be written on or adorned AND may not be “squished” down in back; No platforms, No high-tops.

Optional Uniform Option:


  • Must be navy or khaki walking shorts from CKW Uniforms only
  • Must be no shorter than 1-inch below fingertips; with arm and fingers fully extended
  • May not be worn with tights; may be worn with ankle or knee socks only
  • May be worn all year long.


  • Must be an Alverno navy blue sweater (V neck, crew, cardigan, or vest) from CKW Uniforms


  • State sweatshirts may be worn on any school day except formal uniform days
  • Students may wear the official Alverno Heights Academy sweatshirt, pullover or zip up, on any school day except formal uniform day


  • White, navy blue or gray tights
  • If socks are worn with tights, they must be the same color as the tights.

Scarves / Gloves:

  • Students may wear only navy, white, or gray scarves and/or gloves. A combination of navy, white and/or gray is permitted.


  • Solid navy coats and Alverno letter jackets may be worn throughout the school day in cold weather. Denim jackets are not permitted. Any coat or jacket which does not fit this description must be stored in the locker during the school day


  • Official Alverno sports warm-ups may be worn on free dress days and on game days for the sport a student plays. The warm-up jacket may be worn with the uniform any school day except formal uniform days.

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Senior Uniform Privileges


  • Seniors are NOT required to purchase a red sweater; this color was chosen to give the seniors a “mark” that distinguishes them from other classes/states. If the red sweater is worn, it must be purchased from CKW and may be a long-sleeved pullover, a cardigan or a sleeveless vest


  • Seniors may wear red scarves/gloves. A combination of red, navy, white and/or gray is permitted


  • Seniors may wear solid red socks; must be a minimum of 1-inch above the ankle bone (no logos
    and emblems are permitted on socks).
  • Seniors may wear white knee-high socks with a solid red stripe near the top
  • Seniors may wear red shoelaces in their athletic shoes


  • • Seniors may wear solid red tennis shoes; lace­ups or athletic slip-ons (No Toms or Croc style
    shoes are permitted). Athletic style shoes must have soles no higher than 1-inch. High-tops are
    permitted if sock is clearly showing above the shoe. Slip-on shoes may not have lace grommets.

Hair Color, Makeup, Jewelry:

  • Moderation is the guiding principle. Hair color must be a natural color. No extreme two-tone coloring (chunking) of hair; some modest highlights are acceptable. Make-up must be in natural tones. Hairstyles and make-up must be in moderation. Pierced jewelry may be worn in the ears only; brow, nose, tongue and lip piercings are not permitted. Students with a facial piercing must wear a clear stud in it during school hours—no exceptions. Students may not have visible tattoos.

acceptable non-uniform attire on special occasions  


On designated school days when “free dress” is permitted, the following guidelines must be observed:

  • all shirts and dresses must have sleeves that cover the shoulder; no tank tops, no spaghetti straps
  • all shirts and dresses must fully cover the stomach, sides and back; no bare midriffs of any sort
  • dresses, skirts or shorts must be 1­inch or longer below the fingertips; with arm and fingers fully
    extended (even after walking across the room). Rompers are not permitted
  • leggings may be worn only if a shirt provides full coverage of a student’s backside and the shirt
    is of equal length around the entire body. Leggings must be opaque or athletic-style and not see
  • no cutoffs or frayed clothing; shorts, shirts, or jeans
  • no pajama pants or boxer shorts
  • jeans cannot be torn or ripped
  • shoes must have support around the heel—no flip­flops, strapless sandals, or platform shoes
  • heels, platforms, and wedges must be 2-inches or lower; no slippers and no moccasins
  • no sweaters or jackets with emblems or names of clubs other than those recognized by Alverno
    clothing may not advertise any illegal substance, alcohol, or anything that opposes the
    philosophy of Alverno Heights Academy
  • clothing may not contain political slogans or political affiliation

On Theme Dress Days, at least 50% of the outfit must follow theme and all free dress guidelines.

On Alverno Gear Days, 50% of the outfit must be Alverno- specific gear.

Dressy Free Dress:

Dressy Free Dress is called for at certain school sponsored events, including, but not limited to:

  • Ring Ceremony
  • Mary’s Day Liturgy
  • and at other announced times

Dressy free dress excludes all of the above listed in the Free Dress Guidelines AND jeans, jean style pants, jean jackets, jean skirts, sweats, flannel shirts, uniform shorts, rompers, winter or Ugg -style boots and tennis shoes. Additionally, all skirts and/or dresses worn at dressy free dress events must be longer than 1-inch below the fingertips; with arm and fingers fully extended (even after walking across the room). Sleeveless dresses are permitted; however, tank and spaghetti straps are not allowed unless a cover is worn at all times. Students found in violation of this rule will be required to serve detention, regardless of whether the event happens outside of normal school hours. Please see guidelines for attire at formal dances in the Student/Parent Handbook.

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