Summer Assignments


Summer Assignments for English Courses 

English 9 and English 9 Honors

World Literature (10th Grade)

World Literature Honors (10th Grade)

American Literature (11th Grade)

AP English Language and Composition (11th Grade)

English 12 (12th Grade)

AP English Literature and Composition (12th Grade)

Summer Assignments for Social Studies Courses 

AP World History (10th Grade): Intro to AP World History and AP World History Summer Assignment 2021-2022

AP U.S. History (11th Grade): AP U.S. History Summer Assignments

AP U.S. Government (12th Grade): Intro – AP U.S. Government, Part I – AP Govt Summer Assignment, Part II – Current Events

Summer Assignments for AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Spanish Language and Culture: Summer Assignment

all summer assignments are due by tuesday, august 24.

students in an ap/honors course(s) who do not complete summer assignments risk removal from the course. 

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