Alumnae Association & Class Representatives



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Class First Family Name Last Email
1964 Bridget    Marshall 
1965 Terry  Merlo  Traver 
1966 Kathleen  O’Boyle  Blake
1967 Cathy  De Pasco Kathol
1968 Kathy  Luiten Goodwin
1969 Judy  Giovanazzi Seki
1969 Xo   Terra
1970 Karen Betz Coxwell
1970 Tece (Teresa) Stich Markel
1970 Monica  Carroll Nelson
1973 Jackie  Linden  Whitenack
1974 Ellen Behrens Hoffman
1975 Marianne  DeLeo  Stark
1976 Jan  Bent  Ryan
1978 Diana    Valenzuela
1978 Dyan   Guarrera
1979 Lucy  Santillan  Smith
1980 Mary  Coombes Trisler
1981 Jennifer  Tweddle Jesser
1982 Mary Jean  Shinnick  Beach
1983 Kristen  Vanderhaar Tuck
1984 Carmen  Ramos  Gray
1986 Carol  Dinniene  Mispagel
1987 Andrea Milligan  White
1987 Mary  Wilber  Hoon
1988 Nancy  Gonzalez  Heusser
1989 Shelli Lopez Rodriguez
1990 Theresa   Henry
1990 Evie  Vasquez Gallardo
1991 Kathleen    Anulao
1991 Kim  Baecker Henry 
1992 Therese    Coppi
1992 Ginger   Koblasz
1993 Cher  Boggs  Culver
1994 Sheila   Anulao
1995 Lea  Fuentes  Gonzalez
1995 Brett Wright  Glymph
1997 Michelle  Zubiate  Ferchaw
1998 Jeanette    Cervantes
1999 Becky    Powell
2000 Cynthia    Kanazawa
2001 Meredith    Petersen
2001 Jolene  Joseph  Pudvan
2002 Vanessa   Perry
2002 Yovita    Wilyana
2003 Marie    Chavez
2004 Jessika   Herrera
2004 Katrina    Patton
2007 Mary Claire    Malooly
2007 Elena    Soto
2008 Maggie    Mazur
2008 Daniele    Yturvide
2009 Arsheen    Ali
2009 Alexandra    Peters
2010 Lana    El-Farra
2010 Katie    Howard
2011 Maha    Abdallah
2011 Lili   Jacobs
2011 Julia    Morreale
2012 Yasmine    Ibrahim
2012 Mackenzie    Winslow
2013 Alex    Overstreet
2013 Ileana    Vior
2014 Madison    Luna
2014 Reagan    Dowd
2015 Crystel   Maalouf
2015 Ariana    Vasquez
2015 Katia     Jauregui
2016 Kimberly    Ganivet
2016 Caitlyn (Kiki)   Estrada
2017 Catharine    Johnson
2018 Nicole    Oberhammer

Alumnae Board of Directors 

The governing body for the Alverno Alumnae Association, this organization sets annual goals in tandem with Alverno and the Board of Trustees to grow and strengthen the alumnae network, bridge the student-to-alumnae experience, and expand the benefits of alumnae membership.

  • Expectations:

    • Meet Quarterly
      • Two (2) of which are open to the entire Alumnae Association for questions, updates, and sharing of ideas.
    • At each meeting, the Board will compile a list of activities for the Board Committee to complete as well as check to ensure all activities are meeting their deadlines in a timely manner
    • Must have at least (1) Board of Trustee present to ensure alignment amongst boards.
    • Evaluate all Alumnae Events and all other Alumnae Association activities in tandem with the Director of Alumnae Affairs and Advancement.
    • All Alumnae Board Members must attend at minimum of (2) Alumnae Events each year.
    • Alumnae Board Members are also expected to make a minimum donation of $250 to Alverno Heights Academy; of which can be paid out throughout their year of service.


Alumnae Board Committee 

Work group that plans and carries out specific initiatives supporting the Alumni Board of Directors Strategic Initiatives over seen by someone on the Alumnae Board of Directors.

  • Expectations:

  • The committee will meet twice a year (or when needed) to conduct work group activities
  • All committee members are expected to touch base with the Alumnae Board and the Director of Alumnae Affairs quarterly throughout the year.
  • All committee members must participate in preparing at least (2) alumnae events as well as attend at least (1) alumnae event.
  • Members of the Board Committee will be expected to make a minimum donation of $100 to Alverno Heights Academy; of which can be paid out throughout their year of service.


Alumnae Ambassadors:

Alumnae Ambassadors are a select group of Alverno’s most enthusiastic and supportive alumnae. Ambassadors help grow Alverno’s reputation to shine the light on the boundless opportunities available to students after graduation.

  • Expectations:

    • There will be an Alumnae Ambassador Chair that serves on the Alumnae Board and will be responsible for coordinating which ambassadors will attend various events.
    • Each Alumnae Ambassador will be expected to attend at least (1) High School Night and must attend Alverno Heights Academy’s Open House or (2) visiting days.
    • Alumnae Ambassadors will also be expected to give a donation to Alverno Heights Academy during their year of service.


** Please note, every decision is under the discretion of the Alumnae and Advancement Office of Alverno Heights Academy **


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