Traditions at Alverno


 For 54 years and through the leadership of six different heads of school, Alverno has created, nurtured and grown many beloved customs and traditions, each holding its own unique place in the life of the school, its students, and alumnae.

Class Colors

At the beginning of their freshman year, 9th graders select their class color. They carry the color with them through their four years at Alverno.

Big Sister/Little Sister

Each new student is paired up with a “Big Sister” who welcomes her to Alverno Heights Academy and helps orient her to her new school.

Founder’s Day

Celebrated on the Feast of St. Francis, Founder’s Day celebrates the patron saint of Alverno’s original founding order, the Sisters of St. Francis. Students attend Mass and participate in various activities related to the school year theme.


Celebrated the Saturday following Founder’s Day, Homecoming is a day where all students, parents, alumnae, and alumnae parents are invited to campus to enjoy a full day of festivities- from a 5K walk, a community picnic, to an alumnae cocktail reception hosted in the Villa del Sol d’Oro.  

Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day

Alverno students are invited to bring their grandparents or a special friend with them to campus for a day to learn about their host’s daily life at school.

Candlelight Celebration

A living nativity around the Villa del Sol d’Oro, Candlelight Celebration is Alverno’s annual celebration of the Christmas season.

Father-Daughter Dance

An annual event for decades, Alverno students and their dads (or favorite father-figures) enjoy an evening filled with dancing, food, and competitions.


Alverno’s annual Convention is held to elect the incoming President and Vice-President of the Alverno Student Union. Modeled after the two-party convention of the United States, girls have the experience of participating in a true convention.

Ring Ceremony

Marking the passage into upperclassmen status, sophomores are presented their School rings by Head of School in a formal evening ceremony. Students may choose a ring design that celebrates their uniqueness as an individual as well as their experiences at Alverno.

Mother-Daughter Brunch

An annual event for decades, Alverno students and their mothers (or favorite mother-figures) celebrate a morning brunch and garden shoppe in the Villa.

Mary’s Day

The entire Alverno community comes together for a day of reflection and celebration of Mary. States celebrate Mass and participate in friendly competitions to celebrate the end of the school year.

Senior Farewell

The senior class is treated to a special farewell from the Alverno community prior to graduation. During a school-wide assembly each class presents heartfelt words and small gifts to the graduates.


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