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Christian Service is a fundamental component of an Alverno education and students are not only encouraged but required to participate in service projects in their community. Alverno’s Campus Ministry is a class that offers students a chance to lead the school community in prayer, communion, faith, and community service. Alverno strives to empower our students through service to others and instill in them a giving spirit that they will carry out into the world.  That process of empowerment must be working because our class of 2017 completed nearly 11,000 service hours during their years here!

Campus Ministry & Christian Service

Our Mission

Campus Ministry and Christian Service are comprised of students who act as spiritual and religious leaders of the Alverno Community. In staying true to our roots that stem from the Franciscan Sisters and the Immaculate Heart Community, we aim to promote Christian values and guide others in living selflessly and towards improving the lives of others.

We aspire to assist in the development of the young women of Alverno into socially-conscious, spiritual, Godly individuals. We also aim to serve the religious needs of the community and to provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and development. These opportunities include liturgies, prayer services, and community service projects. Campus Ministry is an integral part of Campus Life at Alverno, and it is our hope that the values and teachings we help to instill in the young women of the community stay with them throughout their lives.

What Is the Campus Ministry Elective?

Campus Ministry is a year-long seventh period elective class that is designed to help students gain a greater appreciation for faith, as well as to help the entire student body to have meaningful worship experiences. Students are responsible for planning and implementing school liturgies and prayer services, morning prayer and other faith-based experiences, such as Class Retreats. Students are trained in lectoring and proclaiming scripture through words and action. Students who have already been confirmed may be trained as Eucharistic ministers. Selected members will serve as retreat team members.

What is the Christian Service Elective?

There is also a huge focus on community service, outreach, and Social Justice here at Alverno. Christian Service hosts many service projects throughout the year as well as manages service hours for students.

Our goal is not only to help and support the students of Alverno fulfill their service requirements, but to serve as active members in the community of the greater San Gabriel Valley. At lease once a month, this class takes trips out in to the community to serve. We have relationships with several community organizations, including nursing homes, public libraries, the Sierra Madre women’s club, Catholic Charities, and others. These trips are the backbone to a strong and dedicated service program.

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Who Can Join?

The Campus Ministry and Christian Service electives are open to all students in the 10th grade and up. You do not have to be Catholic to join; members of all faith denominations are welcome.

How Do I Join?

The admission process into Campus Ministry and Christian Service is not like many other seventh period elective classes. There is a formal application process which includes a written application and an interview by the senior members of Campus Ministry in May. Applicants must have at least a 2.0 GPA and must not have been subjected to any major disciplinary actions. We like our members to be upstanding young women in the Alverno Community!

What We Do

Campus Ministry and Christian Service are regularly involved in numerous projects and activities throughout the school year, including:

  • Daily Prayer
  • Service Project
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Junior Social Justice Service Projects
  • Eucharistic Prayer Services
  • Liturgies
  • Prayer Services
  • Class Retreats
  • Middle School Retreats
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Outreach with other schools
  • Community Service Projects
  • Christian Service and Campus Ministry Classes
  • Caretakers of the school chapel

Recent Organizations Served


The indoor chapel is a small, intimate setting for prayer services, class meetings, and quiet reflection. Our outdoor chapel takes advantage of our beautiful campus and plays host prayer and communion services and reflection time. Situated under a 100 foot tall pine tree, the outdoor chapel is the perfect setting for students looking for some quiet time.

Stations-of-the-Cross Meditation Walk

In 2008, with the help for a generous grant from the Doheney foundation and the dedication of members of the Immaculate Heart Community and Campus Ministry students, we were able to complete the final stage of our chapel renovation with the addition of a meditation walk. This beautiful walk, located along a row of 90 year old olive trees, gives our students the opportunity to walk and reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ. Handmade monuments depicting each of the stations line the path, with benches to sit and reflect. Located on the northernmost end of the campus, this area has become the “sacred space” of the school.


During Holy Week each year, our Campus Ministry class holds one of the most anticipated events of the year. A reenactment of the stations-of-the-cross leads our student body on a prayerful journey of the final hours of the life of Christ. In the shadows of the historic Villa del Sol d’Oro, our Campus Ministry students re-enact the stations,complete with costumes, props, music and meditations.

2017-2018 Events

  • Sophomore Retreat 10/26
  • Junior Retreat Jan 25-26
  • Freshman Retreat 4/25
  • Senior Retreat (Date TBD)
  • Grandparents Day Mass 11/10
  • Social Justice Mass 1/17
  • Holy Thursday Mass 3/26
  • Mary’s Day Mass 5/25
  • Alexandria Costume Collection Oct. 2017
  • Adopt a Family Collection 11/27-12/8
  • Social Justice Service Fair 5/21
  • City of Hope Blood Drive May 2018


At the heart of our faith is the liturgy. Our liturgies are themed for many occasions including:

  • Founders’ Day
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Social Justice
  • Holy Thursday
  • Mary’s Day
  • Baccalaureate

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