State Government Positions


State Government Positions:

  • Governor – responsible for implementing state laws and overseeing the Assembly; carry out legislative proposals and veto decisions; is a representative of the Government as a whole and serves as the voice of the whole state; work with ASU, administration heads, and moderators.
  • Lt. Governor – derives duties from the Constitution; fulfills the duties of the governor when the governor is absent; has the power to assist meetings with governor; first in line to be appointed to governor’s office.
  • Secretary – maintaining and keeping record of all data in the state; implementing the Alverno Heights Academy philosophy; writing notes and ensuring safe and effective elections. Ensure all government decisions and updates are communicated to the state government and entire state via Edmodo.
  • Treasurer – receive money, keep accurate record of money and reports weekly during government meetings; managing budget expenditure; allocating funds.
  • Sergeant at Arms – ensures government meeting controls. Serves as a Parliamentarian ensuring meeting and government protocols are followed.
  • Assembly – consists of up to nine assemblywomen congregating to express promote, pursue, and share ideas; represents their state; votes and makes decisions on behalf of state. In charge of writing and submitted any bills and/or resolutions to congress for approval with approval of governor. A speaker of the assembly will need to be appointed as well.  


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