9th Grade College Timeline


Ninth grade is a time for you to adjust to being a high school student.  Give it your best effort and enjoy yourself a little! 

  • SCOIR College Planning
    • All Freshmen create SCOIR accounts in the Fall and begin to learn about this valuable resource used by the College Counseling Department.  
  • Academic Planning
    • Understand which courses are needed for graduation and college admission requirements.
    • Create a four-year academic plan and think critically about what you would like to accomplish.
    • Attend your Academic Advisory Groups to review transcripts for course selection and check in on your academic success throughout the year.  
  • Standardized Testing
    • Take the PSAT9 in the Fall to set a baseline in standardized testing preparation for future exams.  
  • College Planning
    • Attend 9th and 10th Grade College Night in early Spring to review PSAT scores and the entire college application process.  
  • Explore Passions and Interests
    • Start thinking about life after high school, including the types of jobs and career pathways that might interest you.  
    • Explore different extracurricular activities to be a part of (sports, school club, music/drama groups, community volunteering, campus ministry, student government).

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