Alverno Athletes Receive All-League Honors


Five of Alverno’s highest performing athletes were honored this week with All-League awards for their efforts on both the basketball and soccer teams. All-League honors are voted on by participating coaches in the Horizon league. The awards are given to the highest performing athletes on each team and recognize much more than statistics, including drive, sportsmanship and effort.

Alverno us excited to announce that junior Afton Okwu was awarded First Team All-League honors for soccer. Okwu could be seen knocking in goals on Alverno’s new field all season with a team high of 21 goals and also had 5 assists. In addition freshman Olivia Burns and sophomore Maille Mansbridge were awarded Second Team All-League honors for their efforts on the soccer field. Freshman Olivia Burns spent her first season pushing forward on offense, with a total of 15 goals and 5 assists. Center midfielder Maille was a playmaker who played strong offense and defense and was noted as the player who never stopped hustling. 
On the basketball court two standouts were honored for their hustle and skill. Junior Allie Salinas was selected as a First Team All-League recipient for her power as a starting center. Freshman Destinee Kaya received the Second Team All-League award. Kaya performed at a level that would have had you doubting she could be a freshman at all, as point guard she led the team on the court and in the scorebook. 

Julia Fanara, Head of school was elated by the announcement, “We are so proud of our athletes. We congratulate these five hard working students for their efforts on the field and court. It takes an immense amount of dedication to be a high school athlete and we know these students are deserving of these awards.  In this trying time of school closures and virtual learning, this was an exciting announcement to share with our community. Thank you to our athletes for representing Alverno so well.”


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