Alverno Student Artists Showcase Work


Alverno Student Artists Showcase Work at Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit

On Sunday, January 26 five Alverno Heights Academy students had their artwork blessed and unveiled at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels as a part of the Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit. The exhibit features artwork from students at different high schools throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Members of the community are invited to view the artwork at the Cathedral, which will be on display throughout Lent.

The exhibit is named in honor of the noted sculptor Robert Graham, who designed the Cathedral’s Great Bronze Doors. Steven Graham, son of the late sculptor who died in 2008, said, “I think it’s fantastic that the Cathedral is promoting student artwork. It’s something that would make my father very happy.”

Seniors Mia Jiang, Iris Zhang, Luna Lu and juniors Jessica Marz and Sophia Frizzell were all chosen to participate in the exhibit as members of Alverno’s Art Program. Each of the students was asked to create a piece of art which reflected her own spirituality.

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Seniors Mia Jiang, Iris Zhang, Luna Lu and juniors Jessica Marz and Sophia Frizzell are accompanied by Head of School Julia Fanara and Director of Visual Arts Tim Lewis.


Mia Jiang created a digital print titled, Self Portrait as a Dragon. She explained, “My art functions as a spiritual representation of cultural traditions and how I try to see myself within these traditions. Through the use of traditional representations of Chinese cultural images, I have created a unique self-portrait. The symbols and attributes found in the portrait relate to my own spiritual connection to my culture and its history.”

Luna Lu’s digital print displayed her opinion that spirituality “…can be a source of inspiration for an artist and an important way for viewers to connect with the artist’s vision. Each of us experiences spirituality in our own way. For me, spirituality is my connection with the natural world. My paintings are an attempt at capturing and expressing my spiritual connection to the natural world.”

A digital photograph was Iris Zhang’s chosen piece. For Iris, “Spirituality is something that cannot be explained. The spirituality in my art is a reflection of what I see and feel in my soul. My photograph is an attempt to use something taken from reality and transform it into something spiritual. I use color, light and shadow to create an image that shows tranquility, silence, and the human presence.”

Junior Sophia Frizzell’s digital photography, The Forest of Angels showcased her definition of spirituality. “People naturally are drawn to be spiritual beings. Spirituality consists of happiness, tranquility, and otherworldly ideas which have been depicted in art all over the world. Regardless of what we believe, we all want to be our happiest. I find myself the happiest and most connected to myself when I am in nature. We are all beings of light and love, and this is what my spiritual haven looks like.”

Jessica Marz photographed someone near and dear to her in her piece titled, Portrait of My Great-Grandmother. “This photograph represents my longing to connect with the past. As a photographer, I feel a strong connection to my past and my family history. I want my photographs to be about the spiritual connection we all have with our past. The subject in this photograph, my great-grandmother, is in a contemplative state. Her gave looks beyond the frame. This depiction of her gives the viewer the sense of connection and relationship we have with our past.”

“The creativity and dedication these Alverno artists put into their work is admirable and inspiring. Alverno Heights Academy is incredibly proud of these young women for the beautiful works they have created,” said Julia V. Fanara, Head of School. “Mia, Luna, Iris, Jessica and Sophia are not only talented artists they also contribute greatly to our community. Alverno is grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate these artists at the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels!” 


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