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A blog by Melissa Campos ’08, Director of Alumnae Affairs and Advancement 

With the help of our Alumnae Association Tier Representatives, the Alumnae Department decided to start interacting with Alverno students sooner by taking part in celebrating the Ring Ceremony with the Class of 2020. The Ring Ceremony is one of the most memorable events for upper-class women, as it serves to celebrate and cherish their roles as role models within the Alverno community as part of the Alverno sisterhood. The Class of 2020’s current Governor, Josie Beltran, explained the significance of the event perfectly: 

When planning this event, as Governor of my sophomore class, I wanted to ensure that each person in the class was happy with the decisions made; we held discussions every state meeting, we listened to the class’s opinions, thoughts, and ideas to ensure we would all have a memorable and enjoyable night. We spent countless state meetings and government meetings discussing what food we wanted, writing speeches, thinking of decorations, designing the programs, and picking songs. Although the decorations, food, and opportunity for taking pictures with our friends was all fun, it is the meaning of this tradition that we hold so close to our hearts.  Each ring was personalized by us individually. There are a variety of stones, designs, and writings we could choose from. However, we don’t just pick what design catches our eye, we each designed our rings in our own personal ways in how they represented us and our time at Alverno. Each ring represents the unique young woman we’ve become and are continuing to be. Our rings are significant tokens that acknowledge how hard we have worked and will serve as a constant reminder of who we are. They symbolize the laughs we have shared and the shoulders we’ve cried on. These rings represent us and our Alverno story

Understanding and appreciating the meaning behind this ceremony, the Alumnae Association’s Board and Committee Members wanted to give a gift to remember the evening. They decided to gift a picture frame with their class picture and each picture frame was signed by a member of the board and committee. We also welcomed back alumna Cassidy Castillo ’17 who represented the big sisters of the Class of 2020. Cassidy shared with the girls the privilege of becoming an upper-class women, the sanctity of a school ring, and a reminder to cherish their final two years at Alverno.

Cassidy shared the following with the Class of 2020,

For me, when I was in your shoes, I was pretty much just excited about getting my own unique ring that I created with my birthstone and designs. Not until later; actually, recently now that I started thinking about it, I realized that this ring has so much more meaning than what I thought it would when I first got it. Don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary, because trust me, if not now, then when? You want to leave Alverno or any situation, with no regrets. Come out of your comfort zones, challenge yourself, BUT never lose sight of who you are, and what you believe in. So enjoy the rest of your night, strike your single ladies pose cause # AlvernoPutARingOnIt and congratulations on becoming upper-class women!

Thank you Cassidy for coming back to your Alma Mater. #AlvernoAlumnae How many of you still have your class ring? Take it out, put it on, snap a picture, and post it- be sure to tag Alverno and hashtag: #AlvernoPutARingOnIt.

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