Surviving Senior Year – A Parent’s Perspective


A blog by Ms. Lisa Primero-Solano, Math Department Chair

In August, I dropped my oldest child off at college and although I miss her, there is a small part of me that is relieved that her senior year is over. Her senior year was filled with memories of her friends, football games, and prom. It was also filled with anxiety about college applications, financial aid, standardized test scores, essays, personal recommendations, scholarships, college choices, acceptances and denials.

From one parent to another, the key to surviving your daughter’s senior year is organization. She will need your help. Buy a special calendar to mark all the key deadlines. Make it a large calendar and hang it where the entire family can see it. It will be a reminder to keep on task during a time filled with different dates and deadlines and paperwork. Also, keep a log handy with websites and log-in names and passwords. There is nothing worse than trying to log-in to see a college decision letter and realize that you misplaced the password! Preferably, your daughter will complete most of the college applications herself but you will want to be there with support and maybe some hot chocolate for those late nights. She will need you anyway to help answer many of those college application questions. She will also need gentle reminders for almost everything. My daughter was organized all her life and still is; however, at a certain point her senior year, it became overwhelming for her. Remember, that this is her last year of high school and it should be a fun year spent making memories with her family and her friends. It often pained me as parent to realize that much of my daughter’s year was stressful. However, being very organized helped alleviate the crazy stress of not making a deadline or pushing tasks to the last minute.

As a good friend always says to me, “This too shall pass.” Parents, I promise, all of it will get done! Enjoy your daughter’s last year of high school. This is a special time for you too. Good luck and have a great senior year!

Ms. Lisa Primero-Solano is the Math Department Chair at Alverno Heights Academy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s of Education in School Administration from Loyola Marymount University. This is her 12th year teaching at Alverno Heights Academy and she currently teaches College Prep Math A, Algebra II/Trigonometry Standard and Honors, Geometry Honors, Geometry Fundamentals, Geometry Lab, and Pilates. Ms. Primero-Solano is the also the moderator for Mu Alpha Theta, the Math Honor Society, and the Sophomore State.

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