NEWS: Alverno Heights Academy Students Take the Oath of Office


img_6663Over 90 students, more than half of the student body, at Alverno Heights Academy took the Oath of Office during Alverno’s annual Inauguration on the terrace on Thursday morning.

Modeled after the government of the United States, Alverno Heights Academy boasts a unique system of government that allows for more than 50 percent of students to be involved. Rather than the traditional “Associated Student Body” model, Alverno Heights Academy’s government is overseen by the Alverno Constitution and students are considered citizens of the Alverno Student Union. The Alverno Student Union includes the federal, legislative, and judicial branches as well as individual state governments.

At the federal level are the President and Vice-President, Moondera Rabb ‘17 and Vale Siess ‘17, who were elected as a ticket at Alverno’s annual img_6680Convention in April. The federal level is completed with a presidential cabinet, which includes positions like Chief of Domestic Protocol, Secretary of Activities, Secretary of Campus Ministry, Secretary of Performing Arts, Secretary of International Affairs and many more. Including President Rabb and Vice-President Siess, 22 sophomores, juniors, and seniors make up the federal level of the Alverno Student Union.

The legislative branch is composed of the Alverno Congress, which includes three representatives from each class, or state as they are known at Alverno. Congress drafts, passes, and approves bills and resolutions that affect the entire student body on a wide spectrum of policies. A judicial branch includes two Supreme Court justices from each state and a Chief Justice. The Supreme Court must agree a bill is constitutional before it may go into effect.

img_6682Finally, each state has its own Constitution as well as the following positions: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-At-Arms, and nine assemblywomen. These young women are responsible for making decisions specific to their own state.

“I believe that Alverno gives each and every one of its students the resources that we need to live to our highest potential during our four years here and the ones that come after,” said ASU President Moondera Rabb. “ASU is working hard to make this a great year for Alverno Heights Academy and together with Vice-President Siess and our cabinet, I know we are not only making changes for the present but for future years as well. ASU and I are completely dedicated to Alverno and I hope that we can empower other students to become involved in our community.”

“Our unique student government program is a perfect example of the monumental role our young women play in our school community. Each of theimg_6694 young women elected has made not only a commitment to Alverno Heights Academy, but a commitment to her peers to be an effective, compassionate servant-leader,” said Head of School Julia V. Fanara. “These values are basic tenets of the Alverno philosophy and our leadership program is just one of the ways Alverno empowers each young woman to be exactly the person she wants to be.”

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